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Shayne Browne » Music Lessons In The Brisbane Area

Teacher Register: We simply offer you a list of teachers in the Brisbane area who’ve given us their details. Browse through and contact them at your own leisure but we encourage you to do your own research and make a decision that is suitable to you.

Shayne Browne

Learn Music
Work 188 Boundary Road THORNLANDS QLD 4164 Work Phone: 3206 3525 Cell Phone: 0411 728 155 Website: www.learnmusic.biz

Supplied Information

Established in 1990, Learn Music has been proudly involved in the musical aspirations of hundreds of players from all walks of life, all ages on their varied instruments and styles. From students who just want to play in their bedroom to true performers who now make a living doing what they love – playing music. This is what we do! From the very beginner to the more advanced players,from the basics to more advanced theory the Learn Music team will get you where you want to go. We move at your pace and teach you the music YOU want to play combined with the information you NEED to be all the things you musically want to be. Call us and get started today.

Music Lessons
At Learn Music we don’t sell anything! Just high quality, professional music lessons. We offer these lessons on a range of popular instruments and in most cases we supply all materials as well included in the price.

Performance Opportunities
Every student deserves the opportunity to perform! In many cases it is the primary reason a student is learning an instrument in the first place. Learn Music offers all students the chance to play to a small, select audience of family and friends in a comfortable and relaxed environment. They can even play with their teacher if they desire. Learn Music holds regular student concerts and encourage all students, parents and friends to be a part of this valuable experience.