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Teacher Register: We simply offer you a list of teachers in the Brisbane area who’ve given us their details. Browse through and contact them at your own leisure but we encourage you to do your own research and make a decision that is suitable to you.

Peter Mengede

Sunnybank Studios
Website: https://www.sunnybankstudios.com.au

Supplied Information

Guitar Lessons – in your home or ours.

Private Guitar Lessons in Rock, Pop, Blues, Metal, Alternative, Folk.

  • Over 30 years international touring and recording experience.
  • Founding member of U.S. bands Helmet and Handsome.
  • Multiple Recording Industry Association of America Gold Record award winner for Helmet’s Meantime and KRS One’s I Got Next. U.S. Grammy nominee.
  • Lessons include instruction on tabs, tunings, rhythm and lead playing, playing the songs you like, and learning theory at your own pace.
Categories: Guitar or Bass
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