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The All New NEXTONE Artist Guitar Amplifier by Boss

NEXTONE- Artist Guitar Amplifier

BOSS have done it again, raising the bar with the Brand New NEXTONE-Artist Amplification!!

Brand new to the Boss amplification range of products the NEXTONE-Artist delivers a mighty big punch to its competition. Some companies have tried to ride the coat tails of the ever popular Katana series but this new bad boy will send them all back to the lab to play catch up.

Here is an overview of what you can expect from the NEXTONE-Artist

The Boss Nextone series features an exciting take on valve amp emulation; combining all the classic tube sounds and feels with an easy to use, plus extremely flexible architecture. Distinctive voicing options will take you on a musical journey down some of the world’s classic valve amp sounds! Experience the classic output stages from some of the most iconic circuits: the Nextone series amps have packed in 6V6 , 6L6 , EL84 and EL34 for your tinkering pleasure. All this is backed by their ATL or advance Tube Logic. What is that you may ask? Each power amp type completely re-voices the entire circuit from input to output, thus giving you a complete sonic soundscape of tonal bliss to explore. All packed in a very sleek package.

Now we have the power stage sorted lets dive a little deeper into the customisation of sound and the power and flexibility on offer. Nextone amplification offers you an editor that allows you to become a virtual tech allowing you the ability to fine tune the bias along with the EQ and a bunch of other internal settings, to perfectly craft your sound, touch and feel. Nextone also offers up legendary effects and as I sip on my coffee pondering the weight saving aspect and zero maintenance of valves I can actually see why they have put so much time into the R&D of this amazing little power house.  I’d encourage you to enter the world that is the Nextone

Some direct bullet points for you to ponder over :

  1. Killer performance amplifier with authentic Tube Logic
  2. 4 Analogue Class AB power amp circuits fully selectable from the panel 6V6, 6L6, EL84, EL34
  3. Light weight portable combo delivering 80 Watts watts of power to a custom 12’’ speaker
  4. Boasting impressive Clean and lead channels with standard and custom mode options
  5. Dynamic responsiveness of power control for all your dime’d in tones we all love at manageable volumes
  6. Nextone editor for both Mac and PC for intense customisation of internal amp parameters including tone stack type , EQ , Sag , Bias , Effects
  7. Tone switches added for boost , crunch and sparkle
  8. Effects to expect delay , tremolo , reverb plus a loop for patching you own external tones
  9. USB , line out , phones / recording out with 3 Air Feel mic’d cab settings to choose from the Nextone Editor
  10. Full re-amping via USB with Support for direct recording

Tube Logic combined with Next-Generation Guitar Amplification

Tube Logic is not just a valve sound put on a DSP board, its an extremely diverse algorithm that reacts just like a valve. Delivering a full colour spectrum of not only the sound of a valve but how it reacts with your playing style. This technology is extremely hard to get right and takes a lot of time, research and development to perfect. With the advancement in technology we are seeing literally millions of calculations a second being performed to achieve the elusive holy grail sound of a valve amp. Companies have achieved this in recent years, but for a price that is out of reach for most. Nextone has broken the code and now delivers this technology at a very affordable price point.

A quick run down of what you can expect for each of the power amp stages in Nextone

Lets look at the famous 6V6 these valves are found at the heart of many of the the most legendary low watt valve amps. These types of amps are known for their seductive sweet tones that gives a crisp and naturally organic compression.

The 6L6 is a completely different animal to the 6V6 it’s used in all those classic American high gain amps that we know and love with enormous head room and punch that could knock a mule out yet settle enough when the volume is backed off to produce some of those famous mid range tones that just chime like a bell.

The EL84 delivers the power stage of British amps of the 50’s and early 60’s its unique ability to produce glassy clean tones that chime like a bell at lower volumes to some of the best creamy distortions with cranked up will put a smile on anyone’s face.

EL34 are just one of those tubes that are found in iconic British amp stacks its admired for their warmth, huge meaty tone and legendary British rock crunch.

Do I need to crank the amp to achieve classic valve tones ?

If you have ever owned a valve amp, you will know you have to dime it in or crank the amp up to achieve the desired sound. This often causes problems from sound guys, band mates, your neighbours and 99% of the time you will be asked to turn it down. This not only is a problem, its a total pain that will entail you purchasing some sort of load box that will inevitably suck tone from your sound defeating the whole point of why you purchased a valve amp in the first place. Once you own a Nextone you will quickly understand exactly why this amp was created. You can achieve all those valve sounds at any volume from a whisper to a shout without loosing one ounce of dynamic range weather you are playing at home, studio or strutting you stuff on stage this little fella will deliver night after night after night with, you guessed it! $0 servicing cost that are insured with valve amps. Having shelled out hundreds of not thousands over the years on re-valves, I don’t know about you but I’m pretty impressed about that.

Want More ?
Foot Control for performance and recording

Nextone will mate perfectly with the optional GF-FC foot controller with a single cable back to the amp control. You can select channel , boost , tone , effects , pedal volume and more. If you wish to use more than one FS-series foot switch, you can set them up just as easily as the GF-FC.
Literally the control is now at you feet so get ready to rock.

Icing on the cake

You can hook up external speaker cabs to your Nextone. You can run 2 quads at 16ohms to achieve even bigger tones!!! In addition to this, the whole amp is one massive direct recording interface via its USB port that makes it possible to link it to your favourite DAW software. Now here is the really cool feature when recording with this amp you can have multiple channels going, allowing you to record both, the cab emulated output and a dry tone direct output that you can use for re-amping later through Nextone.