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We had Schecter artist Nick Johnston play live in-store

Nick Johnston – Schecter Guitars was Live In-Store

Here’s some of the live-feed videos from this massive Guitar Event:

Nick Johnston, so much style! – A huge turnout last night, thanks to all those that came to check it out (the video is below if you missed it)

After show photo: Nick Johnston and some of the guests

Huge shout out to all the people that made this happen –
Nick Johnston
MusicExpress crew
Schecter Guitar Research

Nick Johnston with the Music Express Team


Nick’s energy spans beyond his playing, translating into a sincere respect for the people working around him, be it the neighbour boy who first introduced him to guitar or the legendary musicians he’s developed relationships with throughout his career. These relationships make up the backbone of Nick Johnston’s music. His music has attracted guest solos from guitar icons Paul Gilbert and Guthrie Govan and has included rhythm sections featuring Marco Minnemann and Bryan Beller, of The Aristocrats. Additionally, Nick has been featured on records for other artists including guest guitar solos for prog-rock bands Periphery and Polyphia respectively.

Similarly, Nick’s playing has attracted sponsorship from massive international brands including D’Addario and Schecter Guitars. These brands enthusiastically share new gear, invite Nick to conferences and, in the case of Schecter, has even lead to multiple signature guitars.


this event is completed


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