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STEP BEYOND with Helix Stomp

Line 6 Helix Stomp: Step Beyond

Greetings good people we have finally had our 1st shipment of the brand new “Helix HX Stomp” and it is beyond epic, especially for its price point.

As you would expect from the developers at Line 6 this little fella goes head to head with any of its competition within the ever-growing guitar multi-effects market and performs exceedingly well. You can expect the same DSP had HX modelling technology as its heavy hitting brothers.

Super compact in size with over 300 amps, cabs and effects topping it off with an easy to use looper full midi functionality and head phone socket, fx send return.  First impression from playing through the unit was excitement, packed with sounds and tones that inspire you to play. The guitar crew at Music Express love its functionality easy to use and well thought out design with everything that you need at your fingertips. If you into mind blowing flexibility and performance without the price tag this could be just the unit you are looking for to set your guitar playing on fire!

Helix Stomp

Selling FAST! Get in quick.

Get those creative juices flowing.

We all we all instantly inspired to explore the new architecture and do some deep diving into editing. The unit can be used for both Guitar or Bass with equally good results (even on the bottom end of things for bass players). At the end of our first play through one of the staff members were so impressed, they purchased one! Now it’s your turn to come in and take a test drive of the very latest in technology we are sure once you own one of these bad boys it will be your go to unit for just about every application that you can throw at it.   Learn more or Buy Online

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