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Strymon | Innovators. Thinkers. Effects Pedals for Guitarists

Strymon Guitar Pedals 2018

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Strymon was founded in 2008 and has fast become one of the top 5 pedal companies of this crazy planet we call earth. I remember vividly plugging into the Blue Sky for the 1st time all those years ago thinking here we go another reverb on the market only find that time had stopped for a brief moment I was totally mesmerised and beyond captured by what I had heard as dialled in some tones and tweaked everything that i could get my hands on.

I fast became aware that there was something different going on with the way Strymon went about engineering there algorithms. I was instantly creating with the unit. Flicking between the shimmer effect room , hall sounds I think I gave myself a face cramp from smiling for so long. This was an instant love affaire and the Blue Sky had to be apart of my sound both live and in the studio and to this day it is.

As time went on Strymon continued to push the sonic envelope with the introduction of more pedals each as unique as the Blue Sky. I’m very thankful have come across this product as its not just a bunch of guys that got together and slammed some pedals out in the market however they have strived to make some of the most musically inspiring products to help the likes of you and me get whats in our heads out to the world.

You know they are on to something when other large companies try to emulate what these guys have done. I can imagine the bar that Strymon lifted above and beyond there competitors was the talk of many a companies development teams. The range of products has grown much since 2008 with the edition of there large format units the Big Sky , Timeline and Mobius these units really need to be heard as I can’t put in words how good they actually sound.

One of the things that Strymon took us all by surprise by was the introduction of power supplies Ojai , Zuma , Ojai R30 , Zuma R300 and these are just as good as the pedals. In a sea of power supplies on the market you have to ask why Strymon saw increasing number of digital pedals creeping into the market that required super low noise power supplies with high current to run them. again the big problem with power supplies is noise so that was the focus the good people at Strymon went ahead and fix it now you have one of the cleanest low noise high power supplies on the market. We have a hard time in keeping these in stock as the demand is high for obvious reasons.

Music Express are proud stockists of the full range of Strymon products and have everything on demo including the power supplies and accessories in the store so you can get acquainted with them all before making a decision on what one to purchase. But be warned one you hear them its very hard not to fall in love.

Blog post by RS of Music Express